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"I've got my finals this year, how can I learn everything in time?"

...Read On While I Share My Story Of How After A Few Short Months I Have Learned What 99% Of The Population Will Never Know And Benefit From, And Why You NEED To Know This!


If you've ever wondered why some people (possibly you?) flog their guts out studying whilst others seem to do nothing but party and yet breeze through their exams you need to read on to get those answers...


Hi, John here, I'm a college student and a few months ago I was struggling with my studies, I mean I was flunking everything and knew I'd be chucked out if I failed the next set of exams.  I was feeling pretty stressed and desprate when I found this learning tool called "ZoxPro" on the 'net that has literally changed my life.  I am so excited about it I want to share it with every one but I know the sad fact is most people will click away and never take the vital action to change their life.  They'll keep on doing the same things (like traditional studying) wondering why they're always getting the same results (like flunking exams)!

How Idle Surfing Changed My Life;

A few months ago I was studying for important exams and feeling like I'd never remember even enough to scrape a pass until one day I was sitting in front of my computer idly surfing the 'net when I came across a web site that got me interested. I started to read it and whilst it sounded pretty unbelievable I decided to persevere and read it with an open mind, I was taking a few minutes out from revision after all.

I'd heard about some of the ideas in it before which is probably why I was willing to give it my time - I highly recommend you do the same no matter how strange it sounds to you to start with. You see the information Shannon Panzo presented to me that day - created by Dr. Richard Welch, PhD, - will change your life for the better for ever.  No joke.

What's It All About?

Shannon has distilled Dr. Welch's teachings into a concise, easy to follow, step-by-step learning tool and called it "Zox Pro ".  But let's take a step back for a moment - I mean, what's a PhD's work got to do with my exams?  Rather a lot actually.  His work allows for massive reading speed, I'm talking super-hero stuff here, and perfect memory so exams suddenly become a trivial formality!  Sounds pretty far out doesn't it?  That's what I thought when I read the web page and clicked away.  Obviously my mind hadn't been as open as I thought!  Although I didn't know it at the time that has to be the dumbest thing I've ever done!  So how did I get from there to here - writing about Zox wanting to tell as many people as possible about it?

A couple of days later I'd not given the web page I'd seen another thought but after putting in some long hours with the books and not feeling as if I'd learned anything I flaked out in front of some late night TV.  I was idly flicking through the channels and I came halfway into some documentry about a school somewhere where the pupils were being taught this strange way of learning, they called it “mental photography”.  I don't know why but just as I was about to give it the "boring, next channel" treatment my finger paused on the remote button, I watched a few more minutes and was shocked and stunnedy by what I was seeing.  These kids were "mentally photographing" their books in a matter of minutes, yes, a few minutes and they'd read a book!  Next they were given tests on the book and they all got 98% or above!  As you can imagine I couldn't help thinking "boy, I wish I could do that".

What happened next was I dropped the remote for the TV as I sat bolt upright, firing the batteries across the floor!  I was just remembering that what I'd been reading just days before sounded awfully similar to what I was seeing on the TV.  I couldn't be sure it was the same thing - I'd had what I thought were more important things on my mind since then like revision.  Whilst I wasn't sure it was worth finding out.  I turned on my computer and dredged through the History to find that Zox page and read it again.  Sure enough it was a mental photography course!  I bought it there and then and even though it was pretty late in the evening I downloaded the files and logged into the members area (one time payment, no ongoing membership fees) to get started.

I don't want write a big long explanation of what Mental Photography - Zox - is, I'll let Shannon explain what it is and what it does on his site, I just want to share with you some of the basic ideas and my incredible experience of it here.

Whilst I have only been using Zoxpro a short time the benefits have become apparent and I'm very excited about what I'll be able to achieve once I've truly mastered it.

Unlock Your Mind & Potential
Show me how to Unlock My Mind

Unlock Your Mind

I think it is like The Matrix, "Zoxing" effectively downloads  information into your brain. For me the somewhat relieving difference between this and The Matrix is that you don't have a large metal spike inserted into your brain!!  This is totally painless, I promise!

I had been studying the system for less than 48 hours and already I was getting success with the Zox Training System!  I had learned some relaxation techniques, eye exorsizes, how to mentally photograph (or "Zox") a book which is jaw droppingly amazing when it happens the first time.  I can now Zox a 256 page book in 2 minutes and I'm still improving!

That All Sounds Great, John, But How Is This Possible?

The bit of the brain that we normally use to read just gets in the way of learning and is by-passed by this method.  It is also the reason for near 100% recall and retention of the material "photographed".  This is why people with ADD, ADHD and, like me, one form or another of Dyslexia (did you know there are 7 different types?) can learn and benefit from Mental Photography, often more easily than those without one of these "learning difficulties".

When you visit Shannon's web site be sure to watch the video about the 8 year old using mental photography - it's about half way down the page, a couple of yellow boxes below the astronaut!  I found this highly uplifting and great motivation.  He had been branded as having "learning difficulties" too.

But What Does That Mean For Me?

Swamped Under Reading
I want to Make My Studies a Breeze

You were searching for help with learning so just think "exams"!  You'll be able to absorb the information in all your textbooks in quick time then go out and party!  Come exam time you'll be the only one standing outside the hall not worried and sweating.

If you're not a student but a working professional you'll still get the full benifit of this learning tool. Can you imagine being able to take that stack of books, magazines and manuals that's building up unread in your “get round to it” pile and be able to learn everything inside them in a day?

You see, this “brain training” doesn't just mean you can read at lightening speed and remember what you've read it also does other amazing things for you.  I'll let Shannon get into that on his page but here are some of my favorites:

Some Of The Other Benefits:

I know, I know, it sounds far too good to be true which is why I think I only went ahead and bought it because I'd seen the evidence on that late night TV documentry.

It actually takes more than the 10 minutes a day Shannon talks about on his website whilst you are learning how to Zox although the time decreases towards this number as it becomes second nature and you don't need to do all the exorsizes every day.  But "so what" if you spend more than 10 minutes a day really?  The results are simply staggering.  I was spending about an hour a day and seeing results - although not a straight hour, it's broken up over the day, a few minutes here and there.  I didn't find it got in the way of my normal life much at all.  The time taken to see results is definitely worth it and such a small effort for the results gained.


Practical Results;

Now I have the basics of all these amazing abilities I am working to improve over time I have been able to stop worrying about my exams and getting booted out of college.  The exams I had a couple of months after I started with Zoxpro  I passed with good results, not top of the class but certainly a marked improvement over what I'd been doing before.  As I get more profficient with the Zox training system the easier my studies become, I spend less than half the time I did before studying and can remember vastly more of the material.

A Side Effect;

I have always been very shy around women and have had terrible “luck” with the ladies but the confidence I lacked before is growing as I use Zox Pro.  To be honest I don't quite understand how this part works but I'm certainly grateful it does!

An Admission;

Now at this point I really should admit something to you.  I have the willpower of a wet paper bag! I got destracted from following the ZoxPro training system after only a few weeks doing it, just enough to be sure of passing those exams.  It's not that I didn't have the time it requries it's just that I kept on being interrupted then forgetting to do what was necessary.  I hadn't formed the habit completely so missing one of the relaxation sessions easily led into missing others and more and more.  I've only just got back to it after around a month of doing none of it but the great thing is I have picked it up again prety well where I left off in the training.  What's even better is that my profficiency with the Zox system hardly dropped at all in the time I wasn't doing it, I feel I was at about the same level with it when I came back to it as I was when I temporarily stopped.

My only complaint about Zox Pro is, as I said above, I find it takes longer every day than the impression given on the web site - and that page is huge!  You should bookmark this page now so you can easily find it again to finnish reading Shannons long page, it is worth the effort. The problem is it is very difficult to explain exactly what Zoxpro is and what it means to your life so Shannon has had to write a very long page.  Don't be put off by this, you're stronger than that!  Remember, if you do just skim the page make sure you watch the video about half way down, a couple of yellow boxes below the astronaut, it's only a few seconds long but graphically shows you what's possible.  There are some great short audios on the page which are also worth a listen.

Here's why I recommend it.

This information really can transform your whole life, it is doing so for me and thousands of other students of this system.  Yes it's a little scary at first and it does take a little time and effort but it's so worth it.  I want to tell the world about this, it is making life worth living again for me, before I was just surviving rather than thriving.

This is open to all, if your teachers told you you were too dumb to ever amount to anything, prove them wrong!  Any one can do this training, doesn't matter your education level, how intelligent you have been told you are, your race, religion or anything else.  Any human being can learn this life changing skill.

I always felt school/college was a memory test not really a test of how smart I was (or wasn't).  Now I realize it's all the same thing.  If you have a great memory you know stuff, ie. you're smart.  Everything in life can be achieved with the right knowledge but to have that knowledge you have to be able to remember it first!

Do your self the biggest favor ever and Click Here to get the Mental Photography system and set your self free for ever right NOW!

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